Your passport to the REAL HIROSHIMA

Discover your own "Bucci A" Hiroshima


From fire-breathing, eight-headed dragons and web-shooting demons to serene tea ceremonies in classic Japanese gardens.


With delicious local soul food and a good number of Michelin stars, you can eat well at great prices in Hiroshima.


Hit a festival, delve into Hiroshima’s history and culture, head to the hills, cruise the rivers or take to the sea.


Curated, self-guided adventures take you to local haunts and make ordering a breeze, so you can focus on having fun.

What's [ Bucci A ] ?

Bucci A = Awesome

“Bucci A” means “awesome” in Hiroshima local dialect.
(Try it out in the wild to make the locals smile)
Our aim is to make sure you have "Bucci A" time here in Hiroshima!

  • Made in Hiroshima

    We love Hiroshima and we want you to love it too. Rub shoulders with the locals at our favorite places.

  • Only the best

    Whether you are here for a few hours or a few days, Bucci A is your key to getting to the real Hiroshima.

  • Adventures

    Our curated, self-guided tours help break the language barrier, so you can enjoy Hiroshima like a local.

Your passport to the REAL HIROSHIMA
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